Introducing the
Metaverse of Intertrend

Welcome to the INTERverse !

Celebrating Intertrend's Beyond 30 through NFTs

The “INTERverse” is being launched during Intertrend’s much anticipated Beyond 30 trip to Puerto Vallarta (PV). Along with this launch, unique Intertrend themed/designed NFTs will be airdropped to every Intertrender! However, before you begin to receive these one of a kind NFTs, we’d like you to get familiar with the application and gain a solid understanding about the hype surrounding NFTs.

The following are detailed instructions for before and during the PV celebration.

Before the Trip

Intertrend NFT

Before the trip to Puerto Vallarta, every intertrend employee will be air-dropped an one-of-a-kind Intertrend NFT along with being given 2 silver/gold coin NFTs which act as the access key that enables you to participate in subsequent lucky draws and activities related to the celebration.

During the Puerto Vallarta Celebration

Mexico journey Postcard NFT

While in Puerto Vallarta, you will be notified throughout the trip of other NFT access opportunities. If you have already downloaded the Intertrend NFT onto your wallet, you will just need to scan a QR code to participate.

About INTERverse
& Intertrend family

Intertrend is a multicultural agency that understands the intersection of culture, emerging trends, and the interaction between brands and consumers. We house a family of entrepreneurial brand units that build to our core expertise across digital, content and experiential.

Now that you know what to expect, why INTERverse?

To Educate

We have collaborated with our partner at Folsom to develop this unique “planet” of INTERverse and through various designed Space Primitives NFTs by homebases, IT will officially land in a wild and limitless frontier known as the Metaverse. 

Each ITer will be airdropped an NFT as your Space Primitives double which will serve as a “membership” to help you gain access to planned Intertrend activities. And the Beyond 30 celebration in Puerto Vallarta will serve as the first event to test this out!

 Throughout this process of setting up the Metamask wallet and reading up on everything web 3.0, we hope this will help you get familiar with the application and gain an understanding behind the hype of NFTs.

Actual Rewards

With the airdropping of mystery gold coins and the inclusion of on-site activities during the PV celebration, you will not only be exposed to the latest trend, but also be potentially inspired by the imagination of NFTs and the Metaverse.

Future Applications

Having us become familiar with NFTs and blockchains, we’ll ideally be able to apply this trendy topic to any/all future client work. Through this dive into the INTERverse, we’ll be immersed and become a part of the “open sea” of creativity which has a future of unlimited possibilities.

About our partner, Folsom


Folsom is a community that sparks discussions on everything from design, creativity, new technology, and branding. They were formed by a group of talented individuals who love to try new things and love coffee. With their help, Folsom enabled Intertrend to generate a collection spanning 200 unique Space Primitives NFTs.

Characters by Homebases - The Space Primitives Concept

Intertrenders are like a group of Primitives who are being pushed into the unknown Metaverse and throughout the process within the INTERverse, we’ll be constantly exploring the unknown and gaining knowledge.

Total Supply


The Mask

Our Space Primitives double will always be wearing magical masks as a symbol to help us overcome obstacles found within the unknown metaverse. We have created unique masks and different accessories based on the uniqueness of each homebase.

Learn the Story Behind Homebases




Creative & Production

The Creative & Production teams focus their efforts around creativity and execution, which means there will be fun accessories designed specifically to represent their artistic nature.




Account & Strategy

The Strategy and Account services homebases play an essential role in the communication and follow through of all projects by providing clear, necessary direction. Their specifically designed accessories are associated with items such as compasses or messages.




Media & Digital

The nature of the Media and Digital Marketing teams are rooted in data driven, insight-first personal engagements which are fortified through an optimal media mix to achieve the best message at the right time. It’s like fishing within the vastness of the ocean and attempting to catch the correct target, however, mass data information is leveraged to ease the difficulty of this task.

Therefore, fishing related accessories will be the primary design for these teams which represent the precision of these communication and marketing tactics.





The Admin team is always taking care of and looking after the entire agency with any matters concerning finance, current status and improvement of the working environment or providing various tools to make your lives easier. Therefore, accessory components were designed for the admin team that represent their daily dedication to hard work.





Lastly, we can’t leave out creating elements that represent the various projects under Renzei Holdings - such as The Art of Bloom, Architecture for Dogs, Make Noise Today, etc. Be aware! You may be surprised with the chance to receive some of these unexpected elements as decor to your NFT characters.

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